OpenMake Meister

Your Declarative Supply Chain Build Solution

Repeatable and secure software compiles are the groundwork for achieving consistency in your software supply chain. Whatever your software application, OpenMake Meister insulates and secures the creation of binaries using a declarative model that eliminates ad-hoc and vulnerable software builds.

What Meister Does

Insulates the Supply Chain

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Safe Declarative Builds @ Scale

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Expands SBOMs

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Simple to Implement

Meister Steps

Meister Features

Declarative Builds
SBOM - Build Audit
Build Difference Reports
Controlled Library Management
Integration with over 200 developer tools
Incremental Builds
Build Acceleration
Cross Platform Builds
Supply Chain Audits
CI/CD Integration
Real-time Build Monitoring
Dependency Scanning

Industry Recognition

OpenMake Software has received some of the most coveted industry awards, including the now infamous "Jolt Award." Thank you to all who have supported us over the years.

Jolt Award
Jolt Award
SDTimes Award 2020
SDTimes Award 2019
SDTimes Award 2018
SDTimes Award 2017
Peoples Choice Award
SDTimes Award 2008
SDTimes Award 2007
SDTimes Award 2006

About OpenMake Software

OpenMake Software

OpenMake Software started the evolution of builds in 1995, serving mainly the financial community with the mission of delivering a 100% insulated build process that were also fast. The OpenMake Software team understood the ins and outs of software compiles and links, and how easily a build could be the bottleneck of the software delivery process, and be easily compromised on accident or on purpose. With this mission in mind, OpenMake Meister was created and has been serving large enterprises for over 25 years, the longest serving solution in the DevOps ecosystem. Meister has been sold and distributed by Broadcom for over 20 years.

Thought Leaders in Build Management

Steve Taylor and Tracy Ragan, the co-founders of OpenMake Software, have been recognized thought leaders in software builds, configuration management, software bill of material reporting, and build security for over 25 years. With their combined leadership skills and market vision, they have successfully navigated the changes in the DevOps space brining new and timely innovation to the communities they serve. Check out their next endeavor, DeployHub, a Microservice Catalog that provides a comprehensive view of an organization's security profile in a decoupled architecture.

Partners and Customers

OpenMake End Users include a wide array of industries, but 'fintech' has always loved us the most. We thank our long time partners for their continued support.

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