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Mastering Your DevOps Challenge. Presented by Tracy Ragan, Co-founder and COO, OpenMake Software

Get insight into the DevOps challenge and how you can evaluate where you are in achieving your DevOps goals.



Provision, Accelerate, Streamline - Meet Your DevOps Challenge. Presented by Tracy Ragan and Steve Taylor, Co-founders, OpenMake Software

Provision virtual resources, accelerate your builds and streamline your deployments. This webinar will show you how to eliminate error prone processes that are frequently the cause of frustration and delays. You will learn ways to minimize manual scripting, accelerate your builds, control build and deploy environment configurations and reduce the cost of redundant physical servers by leveraging cloud virtual environments.



Get Your Head into the Cloud - Leveraging the Cloud for Improved Software Builds. Presented by Tracy Ragan, Co-founder & COO OpenMake Software

"It worked on my machine” is an all too familiar statement when it comes to software builds. This webinar will review how you can improve your software builds by easily incorporating Cloud provisioning as part of the software build eliminating the “drift” between build machine configurations.



Application Release Management using a Multi-vendor ALM approach. Presented by Steve Taylor, Co-founder & CTO OpenMake Software and Steve Solomon, Sr. Product Manager, CA SCM, CA Technologies

IT organizations continue to strive for standardizing procedures around release management, but must do so around the diverse toolsets embraced by development teams.   In this webinar you will see how CA Software Change Manger (CA SCM) and OpenMake Meister can leverage multi-vendor ALM tools to standardize and control your release management processes.   Webinar participants will see how CA SCM, OpenMake Meister, and Subversion can be leveraged to support an integrated  development and release management process that meets the needs of everyone within your organization.  You will learn how you can integrate any SCM product used by application development with a single enterprise wide release management solution.



Agile ALM with Collabnet and OpenMake Meister, Presented by Matt Laudato, OpenMake Software, Julie Byrne, Ph.D., Collabnet, Aired April 21, 2010

Continuous integration is a critical technology for Agile development. The goal of continuous integration is to improve software quality and to reduce software delivery times by building and testing the code base regularly throughout each iteration and providing feedback about potential issues with development changes. For most organizations, continuous integration is carried out by using a job scheduler or other lifecycle management tool to automate existing build scripts. However, while a job scheduler approach is useful, it simply does not go far enough. Build automation is what agile developers need to ensure that software quality and delivery goals are met.

View the pre-recorded webinar to learn how to support fast, accurate, and consistent continuous integration builds, including:

  • Improving a developer’s ability to speed up compile and links

  • Reducing redundant compile and link steps

  • Managing dependencies for analysis and build avoidance


The presentation includes a brief demonstration of how to do continuous integration with OpenMake Meister and Collabnet Subversion.



Organizational Benefits of OpenMake Meister, Presented by Matt Laudato

In this presentation, Matt Laudato, Director of Customer Solutions at OpenMake Software, discusses how selecting and implementing OpenMake Meister for build automation and continuous integration benefits a development organization. The key benefits are:


  • Standardization
  • Productivity through knowledge sharing
  • Project Security
  • Comprehensive audit control


The presentation also provides a brief technical introduction to Meister to highlight how these business benefits derive from the Meister technology. Executives, directors and managers will learn how to control costs, improve development predictablity and implement organization-wide standards using OpenMake Meister as their build and workflow automation solution.



A Tale of Four Builds: Towards a Managed Build Process, Aired October 21st , Presented by Matt Laudato

In this webinar, Matt Laudato, Director of Customer Solutions at OpenMake Software, will demonstrate how to build a C++ application using four different build technologies. Along the way, he’ll explore the pros and cons of each technology and present the final Build Scorecard to tally the results. The technologies shown will be:


  • Manual build – Nant
  • IDE build – Visual Studio
  • Workflow script execution – Nant executed by an OpenMake Mojo workflow
  • Controlled – Fully automated dependency analysis and script generation with OpenMake Meister


The progression of builds moves from purely manual, error prone processes towards fully automated and controlled builds. This webinar will be of interest to anyone whose role includes either hands-on build work or managing the build process. Learn how a managed build process delivers repeatability, automation, acceleration and auditability.



Smart Builds for Fast Continuous Integration - Presented by Steve Taylor, CTO, OpenMake Software. (Aired on September 3, 2009)

So you’ve decided to pursue a more agile approach to software development and are now faced with the challenge of retrofitting your old procedures into a new leaner methodology. What you must recognize in agile development is that the processes that once took you several days or weeks to complete will now need to be compressed into a time frame that is as short as a single source code check-in. In other words, speed, accuracy and consistency have never been more important. Smart builds are the answer. This webinar will focus on the challenges developers face in supporting the software compile and link step of the continuous integration process. Improving and accelerating your compile and link process is the core component of your continuous integration efforts and should not be ignored. Your old process for executing compiles will no doubt impede your efforts in CI builds. A new way of managing and automating your software compiles is absolutely necessary. Learn how you can create "smart" builds that will improve the continuous integration process with OpenMake Meister.



Get the low down on OpenMake Mojo and Meister 7.3, Presented by Steve Taylor, CTO OpenMake Software (Aired on July 29th, 2009)

Accelerated software compiles for Java and C/C++, extended support of MyEclipse, Apache, Jboss, Weblogic and Eclipse C/C++, enhanced continuous integration features, integrations to new ALM tools, and a brand new web management console are just a few of the new features you will enjoy in Openmake Mojo, Mojo Max and Meister 7.3. Join Steve Taylor, CTO of OpenMake Software for a review of our 7.3 release and see for yourself how both build and workflow automation combined with continuous integration provides a 100% complete build to release management solution.



Build Automation - Catch the Next Wave in Agile Methods, Presented by Steve Taylor, CTO OpenMake Software

Achieving the ten minute build is critical for agile methods. But how real is this goal? Learn about the next wave in Agile methods  build automation. Build automation goes beyond workflow automation to accelerate builds for Java and C/C++, improve the pre-commit process and eliminate broken continuous integration builds. This webinar will show you how to use build automation to deliver consistency, speed and accuracy for your agile methods.

This webinar will be useful for project managers, developers and project directors who are looking for software methods to improve developer efficiency and product quality in order to meet deadlines and beat budgets.

Topics will include achieving 10 minute builds using Build Avoidance technology, pre-commit processing and accelerating java and c/c++ builds through parallelization.



Best Practices for Delivering More with Less with Reduced Budgets and Time, Presented by Tracy Ragan, COO, OpenMake Software and Cliff Utstein, Vice President of Marketing, AccuRev

This webinar, co-produced with AccuRev, covers how software development executives and engineering managers can do more with less by automating redundant tasks and eliminate the need for time consuming, expensive, error-prone manual processes. The ultimate success of any development organization is their ability to commit to and deliver on more projects in a given time period without increasing staffing levels. This webinar will show you how to determine the ROI from your current process and give you insight as to where redundancies may exist.


Improving your Continuous Integration process with Meister's pre-commit builds, Presented by Tracy Ragan, COO, OpenMake Software and Matt Gabor, Sr. Software Engineer, OpenMake Software

If you find your Continuous Integration build process breaking all too frequently, you may need to improve your methods for managing local or "pre-commit" builds. Learn how OpenMake Meister supports 'pre-commit' builds using an agile method of managing source code dependency directories, build avoidance and continuous build script technology.


Take your build workflow to the next level with Meister Build Mashups, Presented by Tracy Ragan, COO, OpenMake Software

This webinar will cover how Meister improves your software development by automatically synchronizing the point and click build done inside your IDE with the builds executing outside your IDE.




Binary Management: The Next Logical Step in Software Builds. Presented by Tracy Ragan, COO OpenMake Software and Mark Dickenson CA

Understanding build management starts with understanding binary management. In order to manage builds, workflow is only the fist step. This webinar will explain the importance of managing binaries in your build process in order to achieve maturity in your build to release process. (Note: 4.8MB download)



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Customer Success Stories

  • To improve internal audit, BNSF chose OpenMake Software for build automation, rolling it out to more than 200 users in 30 application teams, Their development environment included Microsoft and Eclipse.

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  • Meister offers us increased productivity and quality compared to manually controlled builds. Meister also completes the configuration management process through it's central build capabilities allowing Fortis to fully control all internal and external software assets within our fast evolving J2EE world.” --Matthias Pyck, Fortis Bank - Read the case study

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  • "Release Engineer and Meister provides us an adaptable DevOps platform to manage our software builds and releases across diverse platforms from z/OS to Windows” -- Banorte

  • "UCLA's challenge was to standardize how builds and releases were processed, regardless of the development language used. OpenMake Software provided this across the enterprise." -- University of Southern California , Production Control Team Lead

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